About me

Photo Fever bit me in 2017!

It all started when I wanted to have a hobby in which I could learn something totally new. I travel quite a lot due to my work, so it was difficult to start something that would require my presence in weekly classes. Then it hit me: PHOTOGRAPHY! I’ve always loved taking pictures,  but never had other cameras than point-and-shoot. The following day I visited our local camera shop and bought my very first DSLR (Nikon D5300) and haven’t regreted my decision for a second.

I took part in a couple of photography courses in 2017, mainly to learn how to shoot on manual. I yearned for more (photo fever really bit me!) and signed up at New York Institute of Photography on their Professional Photography Course (online). I’m in the beginning of the course, but so far so good, I’m enjoying the depth of knowledge I’m acquiring through the program.

I’m a member at Helsinki Photography Club (Kameraseura). They organise trainings and monthly meetings for like minded people.

Professional Photographer, Mikael Rantalainen, organises landscape photography courses. I’ve participated in his beginners course in September 2018 and in Helsinki landscapes course in October-November 2018.

I am still a newbie to the World of Photography, but very excited about this new hobby of mine. I am giving myself time to learn and adopt new information bearing in mind that this is a hobby after all (no stress allowed!). In this blog my intention is to share my photos and perhaps some tips and tricks I’m learning on the way.

I never thought I would start a blog about anything, never-the-less about photography, but here I am! I hope you enjoy reading and looking at my pictures as much as I enjoy posting them!

Love, Heidi