Cherry Blossoms

You don’t bump into cherry trees in Finland in every corner. Luckily there is a park in Roihuvuori, Helsinki called Kirsikkapuisto (direct translation is Cherry park), where you can find 150 cherry trees.

HT190508_HT190508_DSC_0120We can thank Japanese entrepreneur, Norio Tomida, for his idea of building the park (he is the founder and owner of the food and kitchenware shop Tokyokan in Helsinki). All of the 150 trees are gifts from Japanese individuals, companies and associations operating in Finland.

HT190508_HT190508_DSC_0140HT190508_HT190508_DSC_0200HT190508_HT190508_DSC_0197HT190508_HT190508_DSC_0105Hanami celebration will be organised in the park on Sunday the 19th of May. If you are interested, check out more from their website (sorry, in Finnish only).


Arigato Norio Tomida and our Japanese friends for the beautiful trees! ❤

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