Autumn colors at Kaivopuisto and Eira, Helsinki

Kaivopuisto is one of the oldest parks in Helsinki located on the sea shore, it dates back all the way to the 1830s. The park is packed with people on 1st of May celebrations and at summer time, but during this chilly autumn day it was surprisingly quiet.




One of the ambitions of this photoshooting trip with the course I’m attending (Maiseman Lumo) was to shoot old, large sailing boats at Tervasaaren Tynnyri event on the sea shore next to the Kaivopuisto park. Unfortunately the weather was so foggy that my camera gear was not sufficient enough to get great shots of the boats. When going through my pics, I did manage to find one worth sharing.


Huvilakatu is very close to the park. Wandering on the street makes you feel like you have time travelled back in time and to another country. Buildings are very different from the rest of Helsinki and they date back to 1906-1910.



Right behind Huvilakatu, there is a small alley called Huvilakuja. It’s so narrow that you can only walk or ride a bike over there. I loved how the ivy had taken over the old fences and made the view more rustic looking. It was lush and almost gave you a feeling of being in a fairytale.


If you are a fan of Autumn like I am, you can see more pics in Autumn Colors at Käpylä, Helsinki

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