Autumn Colors at Käpylä, Helsinki

We visited a neighbourhood in Helsinki called Käpylä on a beautiful, sunny Sunday with the photography course I’m taking (Maiseman Lumo). Käpylä is an area with old wooden houses and has very special feeling to it in Helsinki. I enjoyed the photoshoot immensly, since for a newbie, it’s awesome to be shooting with a professional photographer guiding you through on where to shoot, with which settings and how to compose your picture.



We had a lot of fun with the group when taking the below photo. Part of us were shooting the pictures whilst few were throwing leaves in the air. I felt like a kid again when throwing leaves high up in the air!


On this trip I had my first attempt to take a puddle picture. I didn’t know before the course how the puddle pics are supposed to be taken (again, no money wasted on this course!). First attempt did not go too well, the picture is not super sharp in the right spots, but wanted to share it anyhow.



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