Christmas Market, Helsinki

Helsinki Christmas Market, Tuomaan markkinat, is the oldest Christmas Market in Finland. It is located right in the heart of the city on a square called Senaatintori in front of Helsinki Cathedral.

Tuomaan markkinat-10

This year the Christmas market is open from the 1st of December until the 22nd. About 300.000 people visit the market every year. The best part of course is that you can meet Santa Clause on the market every day! 😉 Last year alone, Santa Clause met people from 95 different countries at the market.

Tuomaan markkinat-4Tuomaan markkinat-5

There are over 100 booths from which you can buy local savoury and sweet delicacies, handicrafts and much more whilst supporting local entrepreneurs. There are also many booths that offer food and drinks to be enoyed outdoors at the market. Our Finnish version of mulled wine is called glögi.

Tuomaan markkinat-8Tuomaan markkinat-3Tuomaan markkinat-7

Finnish people LOVE their saunas and what would a Christmas Market be without a sauna! Yep, you read it right, there is a public sauna at the market. You can enjoy the wood heated sauna and when the heat is too much for you, you can refresh yourself outdoors wearing nothing but a towel and enjoy cold or hot drinks from the sauna bar before re-entering the sauna again. Entrance fee is 5€ and the towel is included in the price.

Tuomaan markkinat-2

For the young at heart (or kids), there is a merry-go-round at the market. It is smartly covered with see-through walls, so even if it’s raining or super windy, you won’t freeze when riding the carousel (or at least you will not freeze that fast).

Tuomaan markkinat-12Tuomaan markkinat-15Tuomaan markkinat-14Tuomaan markkinat-6

Merry Christmas everyone! ❤

Tuomaan markkinat-13

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