Above the clouds at Pico do Arieiro, Madeira

It’s quite rare to have a chance to walk above the clouds! I was lucky and got to do that during my holiday in Madeira, Portugal, in Jan 2019. Pico do Arieiro is the 3rd highest peak of Madeira island reaching all the way to 1818 meters. When the weather permits, I was told that you can see all the way to Porto Santo (neighbouring island to Madeira). I had to take the guide’s word on it, since the day we visited Pico do Arieiro, the weather was cloudy. But hey, I was not complaining, it was quite a feeling to be above the clouds and shoot some pictures.

pico do arieiro-3pico do arieiro-4There is a 7 km long footpath leading from Pico do Arieiro to the highest peak of Madeira, Pico Ruivo.  It’s a very popular route, on the average 1000 tourists trek on it every day throughout the year.

pico do arieiro-7pico do arieiro-6The peak is easily reachable by car and there is quite a large parking lot and a café at the viewing point. What you can also find on the site is an interesting looking white ball, a bit looking like a megasized golf ball on a tee. This white ball is actually an Air Defence Radar Station built in 2011.

pico do arieiro-8I took quite a few photos during my holiday, so in case you are interested in seeing more shots from Madeira, stay tuned!

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