Colorado Provencal

Did you know there is Colorado in Provence? I didn’t, before I ended up there in July 2018 during a photographing trip with Photographe du Monde.¬†Colorado Provencal is an ochre site in Rustrel in Luberon, France.

We arrived in the location very early in the morning to get ready to catch those first rays of sunrise. I’m far from being a morning person and was first wondering why had we come to a sand pit. When the sun started to rise and brought out all the beautiful, earthy colors of yellow, orange and red, I started to understand the beauty of the place.

Colorado Provencal-13The legend of Roussillon explains the colors of the cliffs. It’s a tale of illicit love with a tragic end. Lady Sermonde, wife of the Lord Raymond of Avignon, fell in love with a troubadour working at their castle. Guillaume, the troubadour, started writing songs about their love and eventually the couple got cought. Lord Raymond took his revenge, stabbed Guillaume and served his heart to Lady Sermonde. After learning what had happened, she ran out of the castle and threw herself off the cliff.¬† It was her blood that stained the cliffs with the colors of red we still see today.

Of course the truth is slightly different, but who doesn’t love romantic legends? At least I do!

Colorado Provencal-9Colorado Provencal-5Colorado Provencal-10Colorado Provencal-2Colorado Provencal-3

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