White lavender

Where ever you go in Provence in France, you can’t avoid pumping into lavender. It’s everywhere, in one form or another: soaps, oils, dried flower bouquets, parfums, embroidered or printed on textiles etc. I just love the scent of lavender and one of my bucket list items was to go to photograph lavender fields. I had a chance to do that in July 2018 with Photographe du Monde.

White Lavender-8

White Lavender-6

What comes to mind instinctively when thinking about lavender is purple color. I learned that lavenders actually come in many shades and varieties, one of the rare ones being white. One of the fields we visited had both purple and white variants. The contrast of the two on the same field was super pretty!

White LavenderWhite Lavender-5

If you enjoyed this post, check out the previous one about Colorado Provencal. More lavender pictures to be published soon as well!


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