When you visit Provence in France, you will find strange buildings standing in the middle of the fields made of stones, they are called bories.

White LavenderI was on a photographing trip with French people (Photographes du Monde) and they were so excited about bories that it almost got hilarious. Every day during our trip when we were transfering to a new location in our minibus, you could bet on hearing a question “is there a borie in the next place?”. Bories here, bories there, bories everywhere! 🙂

White Lavender-7White Lavender-2

What is a borie? They are dry-stone constructions that can date all the way back to 600BC. Back in the day, farmers had to clear stones from fields and instead of just creating huge piles, they were smart and built useful little cabins. Bories can vary in size from single rooms to larger ones with multiple rooms.  They can even have a space for a fire and shelves built into the walls.  Craftmanship that has gone into building bories is admirable! They have had to choose the right sized stones and position them carefully to build a solid structure. The fact that they have stood at their places in certain cases for over 2.600 years is almost unbelievable. Bories were used by farmers and shephers to take shelter from the storms and cold nights.

Laventelit 1-8White Lavender-3Borie

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