Beauty of purple lavender

Lavender fields in Provence were as beautiful as I had imagined them to be. No wonder there are so many tourist operators taking people from all over the World to this breathtaking spot in France.  I went there last July (2018) with a company specialising in photoshooting trips, Photographes du Monde. We visited several different fields during the 4 day trip, but the most gorgeous ones were at Valensole Plateau area. It is at Valensole where you can find those undulating fields that seem to continue to infinity.

Laventelit 3-15Laventelit 3-17Laventelit 3-9Laventelit 3-13Laventelit 3-10When you look at pictures of lavender fields, not just mine, but in general, do you get a feeling of tranquility, serenity, that you could just immerse yourself to the solitary peacefulness, just you and your thoughts and the beauty of nature, no other people in sight? Take a look below to see the reality behind the camera. Valensole area is the first one in which I have actually seen traffic signs on the roads warning drivers of squatting or standing photographers with tripods!

Laventelit 2Laventelit 2-2

What we came across were also women in white dresses getting their pictures taken by professional photographers or their boyfriends. One family had picnic set-up for photographing purposes. I managed to sneak some pictures while they were not looking.

Laventelit 2-3Laventelit 2-5

One more picture! Red, blazing poppies were lurking on the sides of some lavender fields. Poppies are my mom’s favorites, so I had to take this picture for her! ❤

Laventelit 3-5

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